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ViGu is the new app that gives travellers access to a wide range of audio travel guides that are relevant to their interests and provides audio travel guide creators with new audiences for their work.

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For Travellers

ViGu offers you the widest selection of virtual audio guides covering cities, themed tours plus individual sites and attractions. Whether you're looking for culture, nature or entertainment you’ll find guided tours that make your trips more interesting, entertaining and rewarding.

For Creators

Create and publish themed guided tours that meet the needs of almost any traveller quickly and easily. Travellers can use various filter and search options to find their way to your tour. Maps and navigation tools are part of the ViGu package - all you have todo is to create your content.

ViGu is a cloud-based ecosystem that allows:
  • Travellers effortlessly to find and access interesting, entertaining and relevant virtual audio-guides
  • Tour creators seamlessly to create attractive thematic tours for different audiences
  • ViGu main differentiators to existing offerings in the field are openness, extensive search/sort/filter functionality, very fair revenue sharing with content creators and focussing on both: content creators, so they can easily publish different, easily findable, interesting and entertaining content and earn money by doing that travellers, who can find, follow, rate content creators and access their tours
  • Both Map, Navigation and Voice Guidance are built into ViGu app, so there is no need using 3rd party apps.
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